My Journey

Back in 2011, the 14-year-old Dipti Tiwari started to get intrigued by how the world wide web functioned!

I always wondered how all these websites were created, how were they designed so well, how did people monetize their websites to earn from them, & so on! I also wondered about the paradigm shift that the internet could bring to our lives in the coming years – with more & more people getting access to smartphones with internet.

I soon came to know about the free blog-publishing platform created by Google called “Blogger”. I started a personal blog on Blogger while I continued to expand my knowledge about Search Engine Optimization & the different ways to make money online. By then, I knew that I wanted to make a career for myself in digital marketing & be a valuable asset for those who are trying to grow their business/blog on the internet using my knowledge.

A few years later, to share my love for makeup & skincare, I launched my blog – a beauty, fashion, & lifestyle portal. I completed my graduation while working on my blog side by side. The blog has been a little inactive for the past year, but it’s still very dear to my heart.

I got my first ever freelancing work opportunity with an e-commerce brand via my blog. Almost 4 & a half years later, I’m still working with the same brand! It’s been an absolute pleasure to not just work, but to actually grow with this brand & a team of amazing professionals, I’m hoping that my relationship with them would continue to be like this forever. My knowledge about e-commerce marketing has grown (& continues to grow) multi folds after all these years of working with them.

Right now, my goal is to work with more small businesses/startups that want to move their presence online. During this pandemic, small-medium business & start-ups have been hit the most financially. I want to create a digital presence for them & put them in front of the right audience so that they can earn from their brick-and-mortar & from their online marketplace as well! 2020 is the right time to take leverage of the internet to reach out to an all-new audience or your existing customers by setting up an online store or a portfolio.

Each type of business has different needs & requirements when it comes to marketing themselves online, hence, I am offering tailor-made solutions for all businesses who are willing to work with me.

I would also be very happy to work with individuals who want to start making money online & need someone to guide them on the best way to go about it!