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Specialized in SEO, SMM, & WordPress.


Best Freelance SEO Expert in India | Web Developer in Chhattisgarh

I’ve found the evolution of digital world quite fascinating from the very beginning.

In this journey of being a full-time blogger & working as a freelance digital marketer in India, I’ve gained a lot of in-depth knowledge about how one can make the best out of this digital sphere to acquire more exposure for their business & improve their brand presence.

Now, my goal is to help small businesses & individuals grow online using my knowledge.

I’ve over 5 years of experience in the digital marketing field. I constantly keep myself updated with the latest SEO trends & updates to be able to provide the best SEO services to my clients. On-page SEO can be considered as my expertise, however, I’ve gained experience in other aspects of digital marketing as well, such as E-commerce management – which is my favourite role.



WordPress Development

WordPress offers extensive features when it comes to customizations. It’s secure, reliable, & has an easy to use interface. I can design an attractive, mobile-friendly, & responsive WordPress website for your business that your potential customers can navigate through easily. I’m especially interested in working with individuals/companies from Chhattisgarh. If you’re looking for the best website developer in Chhattisgarh, feel free to contact me & get a free consultation!

Brand Identity

In this era of zillions of innovative start-up businesses creating their prominent space on the world wide web, having a unique brand identity is a must. I believe every business requires a strong brand identity because it’s your brand’s identity that communicates to the world about what you do & differentiates you from your competitors. Get in touch with me to create a Brand Identity that’d make you stand out from the rest!

Shopify Setup

Take your brick-and-mortar business online – with me & Shopify! Managing your e-commerce biz becomes as easy as a pie with Shopify. Having worked on this platform for almost 4 years now, I’ve learnt how to set-up a Shopify store from scratch & optimize it to get maximum conversion rate. SEO Expert + E-commerce Manager in one!

Social Media Marketing

Whether you’re a start-up business owner, an aspiring blogger, or an emerging influencer, your presence on social media matters a lot. The rise of social media has completely changed how we interact with & perceive the world. I can help you to create & manage your presence on Social Media platforms to capture a broader audience. I provide all kinds of social media marketing/management services to brands from different niches.


Search Engine Optimization

If you’re looking for a freelance SEO consultant in India – you’ve landed at the right place! With a Search Engine Optimized website, your business or blog can achieve higher ranking on search engines such as Google or Bing. With my 5+ years of experience in the field of SEO, I can provide you a strategic & tailor-made SEO plan that’d cater to the needs of your business. Hire me as your SEO expert!


Rank your website on #1 page of Google with me! Generate leads organically through better rankings on Google as well as the right social media tactics!

Years of experience (& COUNTING)





Using the right SEO techniques can work wonders to generate leads or drive more traffic to your website organically. A SEO expert can help you to boost your organic rankings on Google & put you right in front of your desired audience. Dipti Tiwari is a SEO Expert in India, well known as the founder of India’s topmost beauty blogs – GorgeouslyFlawed.com.

Being in the digital marketing industry for over 5 years, I’ve learnt about its significant contribution in growing any kind of business in this new-age, digitized world. My complete understanding of its nitty-gritties & my first-hand experience so far with it – coupled with my continual urge to learn about the ever-changing nature of digital marketing, is all that makes me different from other Freelance SEO Consultants/Website Developers in India.

If you are looking for a Freelance SEO expert in India to rank on #1 page of Google, get in touch with me here!



(No humans were bribed to write these praises)

Dipti has in-depth knowledge about WordPress and SEO that has helped me in my blogging journey. She is always ready to guide us fellow bloggers with all our blog related issues. I respect her ability to keep up with the everchanging Digital Marketing and Content Creation world.
Soumya Midhun

Blogger, Soumyamidhun.com

Dipti has a fair knowledge about all aspects of Digital Marketing & building websites on WordPress CMS. I have been mentoring her since 2018 to improve her SEO skills. She is a keen learner & is always ready to adapt & apply her new-learnt skills. Her in-depth knowledge about website building, SEO, & creating efficient marketing campaigns would make her a valuable addition to any firm.
Govind Dhiman

Co-founder, Digi Hind Private Limited


Dipti Tiwari

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Address – Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India. 495006.